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Character Generation Session Notes

Time-frame: pre-Blight?
Key Location: Highever / Amaranthine

Tensions between mages, Chantry, and Templars (Majority of party not mages?)
Relationship between city elves and humans, elven freedom fighters

Character backgrounds:


City Elf who has acculturated to the humans, has some sympathy to his dhalish bretheren and a deep hatred for the chantry, at the same time, he feels rather loyal to (Ashley’s character) as he grew up working for her family, and perhaps they were childhood friends. So despite what he may think about magic, his ties to her are more importnat, he is a loyal servant, but desires social change. Could be either a warrior or a rogue.

1. Get Alys and Himself to somewhere safe where they aren’t hunted
2. Reconnect with his Dhalish brethren/ancestry
3. Help Alurvelve create social change so that elves are no longer second-class citizens, perhaps so far as re-establishing a new elven homeland

Female apostate mage is a young noblewoman living in Highever area and through her training with a shield and stave has rather interesting luck and discovers through trial and error that it is her abilities with entropy magic that she, a weaker combatant, gets away with so much against stronger foes. Has an elf as a servent.
1. The most pressing one is to stay out of the Templar’s hands and ‘more or less’ safe while not letting her abilities change her personally into someone she doesn’t want to be (ie: power hungry or an abomination).
2.She is particularly tied to her childhood friend, Nayt, and wants to help him in his endevours, whatever they may be, once they reach Amaranthine.
3. Alys also wants to help the elf’s lot in Ferelden as she has seen how cruely they have been treated.

Of house Norastor is a dwarf of Orzamar. He is either warrior caste or noble caste. He’s probably not an only child. During his youth he was sent ona forray into the deep roads. There his group was decimated by a darkspawn emissary. “There was a big boom, and there it was, standing on top of the ridge. Looking down at us. eyes all evil, like it was going to tear us apart with the power of it’s mind. And then it did! A blast of energy sent us tumbling in all directions. I was lucky to get away with my life!”
1. Lead an expedition into the deep roads to reclaim a lost helmet. Either an ancestral duty or an important item lost during the disastrous excursion that featured the emissary attack.
2. Learn the secrets of the templars
3. Teach dwarfs the templar tecniques so they can reclaim the deep roads

City Elf Rogue. Growing up in the Alienage of Denerim he disliked his status in the world. Always wanting more, not just for himself. But his people. So he leaves Denerim to make a name for himself, and to gain connections. So that one day he could return and free his people from ‘enslavement’. Gaining them a new homeland far from the reaches of the Chantry.
1) Connection to Garren: Once he finds out that he is looking for Templar secrets. He could get involvd to help ‘aquire’ (steal) some secrets from a Templar base or Chantry.
2) In a city (any works) he finds out about a Human noble who believes it is his ‘right’ to have his way with Elven woman. (Similar to the City Elf Origins story). Alurvelve decides to show this Shemlem that the Elves are not to be messed with. Setting him up and after he has taken what he desires most in the world, kill him.
3) To gain the Elves a new homeland. But this time one that would be harder to overtake should the humans attack. Which is why he decides to go after Sheron. Since it is an island that hosts a large Elven population already, and is at war between the Qunari and Tevinter.

Character ties:
Nayt steals from Alys’ family to help his elven community. Alys knows about Nayt’s cause, and hence his loyalty.

Origin story: Alys attaches herself to a caravan going to Amaranthine to escape her family, which wants to put her in the Circle. She leaves with her loyal servant, Nayt and hires Alurvelve and Garren to protect her from the family she expects is coming after her.

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