Bredan Argent

Shoulder-length, grey hair, and long sideburns adorn a pale face with bloodshot blue eyes. Bredan is short and scrawny, but stands with poise and confidence. His clothes are well-kept and clean, but his cloak is covered in scorch marks and frost damage.


Class: Mage
Level: 4

Health: 50/50
Mana: 39/39
Speed: 10
Defense: 10
Armor: 3
Spellpower: 14+Focus

Communication: 2 (Deception)
Constitution: 4
Cunning: 2
Dexterity: 0
Magic: 4 (Spirit, Primal)
Perception: 1 (Empathy)
Strength: 0
Willpower: 2 (Self-Discipline)

Weapon Groups: Staves and Brawling
Class Powers & Spells (strain 1): Arcane Bolt, Frost Weapons, Mind Blast, Walking Bomb, Winter’s Grasp
Talents: Linguistics (novice): Dwarven, Spirit Magic (novice)

Weapon, attack, damage, range:
Quarterstaff, + 0, 1d6 + 1
Arcane Lance, + 3, 1d6 + 3, 16 yards

Inventory: Traveler’s garb, backpack, belt pouch, waterskin, quarterstaff, wand, light leather armor, flint and steel, lantern, oil 2 pints, rope 100 yards, travel rations 2 weeks
Money: 102 sp, 74 cp


Bredan doesn’t talk much about his family history, but he claims to come from a keep in northern Ferelden called Cadhamir, run by a lesser noble, Bann Terwald Gildred. His face blends Orlesian and Ferelden features, indicating mixed parentage, but he speaks without a notable accent.
According to his account, he was visiting a friend, Gawain Gildred, to celebrate the latter’s impending engagement to a young noblewoman in Denerim, but he was forced to flee the city, pursued by a Templar named Magni. She was remarkably persistent, but he finally managed to lose her by taking a boat across Lake Calenhad and fleeing to the Frostback Mountains, where he sought refuge from the cold and the Templar in Orzammar. Since a young age, he’s been stalked in the fade by a curiosity spirit called Fascination. Until meeting Alys, he had no idea if it was something only he could see… or if he was its only target.

Bredan Argent

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