Class: Mage
Level: 4
+2 strain

Health: 25/45
Mana: 29/39
Speed: 13 (12 in armor)
Defense: 13 (14 w/ shield)(13 w/ shield and armor)
Armor: 4
Spellpower: 10+Magic+Focus

Communication: 2 (Deception)
Constitution: 2
Cunning: 1 (Healing)
Dexterity: 3 (2 with armor)
Magic: 4 (Entropy)
Perception: 0 (Hearing)
Strength: 2
Willpower: 1 (Self-Discipline)

Weapon Groups: Staves and Brawling
Class Powers & Spells: Daze, Drain Life, Weakness, Arcane Bolt, Vulnerability Hex
Talents: Chirurgy (Journeyman)

Weapon, attack, damage, range:
Morning Star, + 3, 1d6 + 4
Arcane Lance, + 3, 1d6 + 3, 16 yards

Inventory: Traveler’s garb, Mountain Garb, Small Tent, backpack, waterskin, morning star, wand, Heavy leather armor (+2 to mana cost), light shield, flint and steel, ink, lamp, Oil X5, rope 40yds, travel rations X7, Med Kit, Candles X3

Money: 38 silver and 4 copper


Alys’s family name is Darroch. Both her parents are still living and she has a brother, Finley.

Alys was born to the Darroch noble family with no prospects of ever inheriting its wealth. Her parents, not knowing what else to do with her and remembering the days of the Orlesian occupation, set her up to be trained as a soldier and perhaps help in some military capacity if the need should arise.

Alys excelled in her training despite her obvious lack of strength, often beating stronger adversaries in training and drills with what seemed to be amazing luck. In practice duels, anticipating attacks in order to defend against them lead her to release mild, low-level entropic hexes, causing opponents to trip over themselves, to lose their way and will to go on. Such occurrences and various accidents brought this magical talent to Alys’s attention. Realizing her propensity and natural inclination toward entropy magic, the ability to harm others in such an underhanded manner, encouraged a fear of her own power.

It has been years and Alys is now a young woman but a sudden irrational fear of being discovered has arisen and now Alys is looking to run away. Nayt, her always faithful and best friend, knows that Alys is an apostate.


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