Class: Rogue
Level: 1
Exp: 0
Next: 2000

Health: 17/30
Mana: 0
Speed: 16
Defense: 14 (15 w/shield)
Armor: 4

Communication: 2 (Deception)
Constitution: 0
Cunning: 2
Dexterity: 4 (Stealth)
Magic: 0
Perception: 2
Strength: 2
Willpower: 0

Weapon Groups: Bows, Brawling, Light Blades, Staves
Class Powers: Backstab, Rogue’s Armor
Talents: Scouting (Novice)

Weapon, attack, damage, range:
Short Sword, + 4, 1d6 + 4
Long Bow, +4, 1d6 + 5, 26/52 yards

Inventory: Backpack, Traveler’s garb, Waterskin, Heavy leather armor, short sword, longbow, quiver (16 arrows), dagger, flint & steel, belt pouch, 3 torches, whetstone, rope (20 yards), 1 week rations, healer’s kit, lock picks, light shield/

Money: 15 silver


Alurvelve grew up like most Elves in the Alienage of Denerim. Dirt poor and barely surviving. If you could call it that. He never knew his father. His mother always told him he died long before he could ever remember him. At the age of seven his life was turned upside down. A Noble had come busting into his home to try and have his ‘noble right’ with his mother. She screamed for Alurvelve to hide or run as he attacked her. Even to this day Alurvelve only remembers bits and pieces of that night, and they still haunt him in his dreams as nightmares. But he remembered waking up in a pile of blood. A jeweled dagger in his hands and that Noble dead. Dozens of knife wounded littered his body. His mother trapped underneath him, strangled to death.

Years passed and he was taken in by the other Elves, as was their way. When he turned thirteen he met a man who would forever change his life. A man simply known as Ghost. He took Alurvelve in and off the streets of the Alienage the day he saw him fend off three attackers with just a dagger. Ghost showed him how to move through the shadows, or to ‘persuade’ people in certain ways to find out what it is you are after. Years passed under his tutelage and by his nineteenth birthday he was ready for his first solo mission.

Alurvelve was to quietly sneak into a local Bann’s house and steal a book containing several documents. Little did he know it was all a trap. Thrown out as the fall guy while the real plan went down. With a bit of luck, or as Alurvelve likes to look at it fate. He managed to escape. But rumors quickly spread of an Elven spy and the city guard was after him. Picking up what little belongings he had in life he left Denerim and began his travels.

One year later was when he arrived at Highever and later met Nayt. This was now his ‘home’. Or at least it was for a few years.


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